Phillip Wants To Create A New Google Display Ad Campaign And Base His Targeting On An Existing Remarketing List Named Checkout Abandoners. How Can The Similar Audiences Targeting Option Help Phillip Achieve His Marketing Goals?

Here is the answer of the question: Phillip wants to create a new Google Display Ad campaign and base his targeting on an existing remarketing list named Checkout Abandoners. How can the Similar Audiences targeting option help Phillip achieve his marketing goals?

  • Similar Audiences will find websites and apps that users on the Checkout Abandoners list have visited.
  • Similar Audiences will find web content relevant to users on the Checkout Abandoners list, and recommend sites where Phillip can choose to place his new ads.
  • Similar Audiences will automatically generate lists with keywords and URLs taken from the Checkout Abandoners list.
  • Similar Audiences will find users who are similar to those on the Checkout Abandoners list.

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