Get Traffic From Your Blog Post Of Old Blog Without Loosing Your Seo & Permalink | Saransh Sagar

Get Traffic From Your Blog Post Of Old Blog Without Loosing Your Seo & Permalink | Saransh Sagar

First of all backup your content and theme, if you don’t know how to backup content and then watch this video for more info or if you don’t know how to backup theme as well then watch below mentioned video. after that you will have your backup data of old blog.

 Now after creating new blog, take import of old blog theme or blog post and pages ( content part ). I’m sure that after importing, url of all post will be change and may be where you have shared your blog post in past days may show error 404 because you are no longer continue with old blog or may be you have deleted your old blog posts or may be you don’t want to run old blog , so i’ll suggest you to not to delete your old blog and content untill you don’t setup your new blog. after setup of new blog, just redirect each post and pages with redirection code so that your traffic to old blog will redirect to same content on new blog. 

Let’s understand by the example. 

Old Blog Post Link –

New Blog Post Link –

Now you have shared old link to various social media platforms and somehow you have created new blog then after importing all of your content part from old blog will import in new blog but problem comes when user want to open your post and he/she will not able to get all of your latest post as you started new blog or may be you just closed your all content from old blog. so to prevent traffic to visit error 404 page. use this code to each and every page on your old blog post, pages and write the blog link where you want to shift or forward traffic to particular post and pages. Let’s understand by the example.

window.location.href=” “;

Above code should be placed anywhere html section of post section in blogger post section either in post or page. This code will work in all places. Watch video for more info . Hope you liked it. Share if you like because sharing is caring. Thanks for reading

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