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Hello readers ! In this tutorial, I will aware you from all the gadgets of blogger. I am experienced with all types of gadgets provided by google blogger. It is easy to use and user friendly as well. So let’s get started.

Blogger Layout Setting In Hindi
See above reference image, click on layout then scroll down and click on sidebar widget on right side of blogger dashboard. You will see this blogger gadgets , 26 in number till 5 august 2020.
Blogger Layout Setting In Hindi
Let’s talk about short description about these gadgets step by step.
Blogger Layout Setting In Hindi
There are total 26 gadgets and each have their own functionalities and specifications. Let’s introduce each and everyone.
Adsense – This will help you to ads on your blog by your linked adsense account as per your requirment and designs. It will show only when you have active adsense account.
Featured Post – The feature post will show on any of the section where you want to show posts on your blog to highlight visitors or readers. You can highlight important messages as well as anything which get attention by readers.
Blog Search – You can insert in your sidebar . It helps users to search particular post ,page by their content title or content part by names or words used in them.
HTML/Java Script – You can use html or javascript code to show particular widgets,images,buttons,link or anything which is customized or can be used in blogging purpose.
Profile – Profile section tells about your all description,name,age,year,blog links and complete data, you can check all about blogger profile in my video. Watch Here
Blog Archive – This will help you to show all posts links by month wise, week wise and year wise. You can choose filters as well to view by numbers or not.
Let’s cover next more gadgets .
 Blogger Layout Setting In Hindi
Page Header – Display your blog’s title and description.
Followers – Displays a list of users who follow your blog
Image – Add an image from your computer, or from somewhere else on the web.
Labels – Show all the labels of posts in your blog.
Pages – Display a list of stand-alone pages on your blog.
Link List – Display a collection of your favorite sites, blogs, or web pages for your visitors.
Text – Add a text message to your blog.
Blogger Layout Setting In Hindi


Popular Posts – Display a list of the most popular posts from your blog.
Blog’s Stats – Display the number of pageviews to your blog.
Blog List – Show off what you read with a blogroll of your favorite blogs.
Follow By Email – Make it easy for visitors to subscribe to email delivery when you publish a post.
Feed – Add content from an RSS or Atom feed to your blog.
Logo – Show your Blogger pride by adding a logo to your page.
Subscription Links – Let your readers easily subscribe to your blog with popular feed readers
Blogger Layout Setting In Hindi
Translate – This will help you to translate your blog content to any langauge.
List – You can make list of your favorite books,services or anythink you like.
Contact Form – This will help to insert contact form so that you can easily get messages or responses by users or readers directly to your admin email.
Wikipedia – You can search easily wikipedia content there. 
Attribution – Display your blog’s attribution data.
Report Abuse – Report inappropriate content.

Now, this is only gadgets parts but there are more things which should you have to know like widgets of blogger layout sections which is also important as per designs and looks for your blog. Hope you like that content and if you wish to watch video for this content. Scroll down and see this reference video for more info.

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