Is All Digital Marketers & Bloggers Are Capable Enough To Teach Or Sell Online Stuffs ?

Now a days lots of digital marketers and bloggers are popular via online medium such as facebook,instagram or youtube. Some promote their content via google ads or some via cross-promotion and this is good enough if content is unique & healthy and best too if the content is demandable for users,readers but it creates problem when someone copy the content without pros & cons, without thinking that what will happen when owner of the content or your did will create a bad impact on that particular industry as well as trust among readers will decrease.

 These days some I.T. companies are looting customers who didn’t know , how to pay and how much to pay of their service,products,softwares,etc and now new generation school boys, college boys are enough talented that they easily catch latest technology and share the fake screenshots of earning via Google Adsense & Other Affiliating Networks. These create huge problem of those who are survival through tough & rough situation and dropped their education too for getting high income salary through freelancing as well as blogging.

 All the readers,watchers are requested to please cross-verify first before investing your money and time to any blog,channel,person,group or subject for any income,learning etc. Because once you invest your time, that time will never come back and whatever you did in that time, you will become what you did in that duration so stop running blind behind any person. Think before any action and become unstoppable if you decided what you want to do and how to do. Untill or unless you don’t wish to complete,learn or earn no one can guide you for this. So after reading all of the above sentence , you can easily considered that every digital marketer and blogger is not enough capable to teach or sell their online stuffs. For getting periodically attention or hike in thier channel,blog they do such type of activity that their audience retention will increase , no matter the content is totally true or not !! 

So please ask about course , capabilities, income, action before learning,earning & purchasing  through online tutors, gurus, mafias, digital marketers & bloggers. I am blogger too but i didn’t sell any course yet because i know that everything is free so how i can sell but yes it’s true that when you invest some time, than you should ask for some charge for your goods and services but it doesn’t mean that you could violate the rules and regulations and sell ordinary general knowledge tips about that topic in highly costly price. Thanks For Reading !!

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I am Google Certified Digital Marketer since last year ( 2019 ) & Blogger since 2015. Web Developer since 2017. I don’t like to praise or promote fake things about anyone so i told about me what i am currently and my currently income source is from consulting clients for their websites & website development & designing.

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