How To View Your Saved Password In Your Google Chrome Browser ?? | Saransh Sagar ( सारांश सागर )

If you forgot your email id’s password or facebook,twitter’s password or any type of password, then this post is for you . Now read this post carefully and you will see how easily you can manage or view your passwords which you saved in Google Chrome. Just copy paste this words chrome://settings/passwords or click on 3 dots on right of your chrome browser as mention in below reference image. 

Click on setting there , Now a tab will open look like below reference image. Click on passwords

and you will this see this tab . Now when you have to see the password, just click on eye button of same row.

You will see this , a tab with Window Security Title is opened and if you have to see the password of that particular site or whatever be the platform , you have to type your pc password or syestem password for opening. There is a time where such things are not required before but due to security reasons, this barrier is boon for users. 

After typing your password , you can easily access or view your password 
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