Beware !! Your Bank Information Can Be Leak

Beware !! Your Bank Information Can Be Leak 

Online Banking Fraud Can Be Done By Bulk Sms Providers

Beware !! Your Bank Information Can Be Leak . Yes , you read right. I have received a message on 26 July 2019 ! Screenshots is attached below ! This message is not received to me by an ordinary number but by bulk sms software which an ordinary person can never tell who is the sender ? what’s the sender address or bla bla !!


Beware !! Your Bank Information Can Be Leak
The message said something like “Dear customer your KOTAK Visa Card points worth INR 8372 expired by today. Kindly redeem your points in cash by click here when I go to the given link then I found that this website is fake! Well the website had be fake because no redeem offer money had been given by kotak bank yet in sms !
Secondly, kotak must put tollfree number in his message as well as address of his website which I am mentioning. Kotak Tollfree Number – 022 6600 6022, 1860 266 0811, Kotak Website – 

Pay attention to this points while submitting any confidential informations

Any bank does not ask its customers for important information like email password, mpin, crn no.cvv, atm card, if anyone is doing this then they one should complain to the nearest police, bank and cybercrime cell ! In my case, I am struck by lack of time, that is why I considered necessary to make everyone aware by posting this detailed and have also complained ! I’ll cover them all down !
☛ Now come to the message of this fraud! I found that message is come through airtel service and karnatka location is showing ! Evidence of this is also included below ! You can find out by checking in it with yourself- . 
☛  Now after that let’s go to the analysis of this website! The original website is just, But in the greed of getting credit money, some people hurry and share their information on such fake website! When you look at the photo of the website and its boxes, you will understand how malicious people are being implicated, but the problem is that how long will the central government and technical minister tolerate this loop hole ??
Beware !! Your Bank Information Can Be Leak
When you look at the site, you will find that the site is not secured one, the number below is also fake and the third information which is being asked is the confidential information of the customers which no any bank asks for !!
☛ Now come on the domain name of its website which is and when I came to know how old the domain name of its website is, then it has been discovered that these fraud people have bought 3 days earlier! On 25 July! Now I have complained to godaddy and kotak too! Now it has to be seen who acts on it! Thanks for reading !! This article is only from the perspective of making people aware and protecting them from such loss! 
We condemn such fraud people and online dacoo, thieves !



Beware !! Your Bank Information Can Be Leak
Thanks For Reading !

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